Create or customize a style

Explanation of symbols
  • Click the arrows to show the next or previous picture of the workflow.
  • The corresponding explanation will be highlighted.
  • Tap where the circle indicates.

Customize a folding program
  • At the main screen tap on the login icon
  • The login screen appears
  • Type in the password provided to you (Password: "1234")
  • Tap on the program editor icon
  • The program editor selection appears
  • Tap on the program you want to edit
  • 1 Edit the name of the folding program
    2 Edit the packet width of fan fold
    3 Edit the packet height of cross fold
    4 Edit the binding margin
    5 Select between compensated (DIN B) or regular (DIN C) folding style
    6 Choose to stick a tab or not
    7 Delete folding program
    9 Safe changes and exit
    A Discard changes and exit
Create a folding program
  • To create a new folding folding program tap on an empty slot 1, choose between free style and standard program 2 and edit the program to your needs.
Create or customize a free style program
  • Free style programs are used for purposes where calculation does not lead to a desired packet.
  • 1 Set dimension for each layer of the fan fold
  • 2 Set dimension for each layer of the cross fold
  • 3 Choose the starting direction of the cross folder depending on the exit direction of the fan folder
Convert a standard program to a free style program
  • To convert an existing standard program to a free style program, it needs to be deleted first.
  • 1 Open the standard program to be deleted (here: program 5 "Customised program")
  • 2 Tap on the trash can icon to delete the program
  • Follow the steps of "Create a folding program" and "Create or customize a free style program" above