estefold ® 2400 KIPFold1000 is a fully automated folder that works inline with several color and monochrome printers. Every plot is taken from the printer automatically and folded into a package according to DIN or US standards.

Its six-button keyboard operates the folder. The user can select from 8 folding programs. A LCD will show all relevant parameters of the selected folding program making the use of the folder as easy as possible for the operator.

The fan- and cross folded documents will be deployed on a conveyor at the folder's rear. A switcher between folder and printer will separate the documents that are not supposed to be folded.
The documents will be transported on the folder's bridge at a synchronized speed of 2,5m - 18m per minute and will be folded following the instructions of the selected folding program.

Documents can even be fed manually into the folder. In order to guarantee a reliable and precise manual feed the folders bridge has an alignment device that can take almost every position on the bridges top.
A suspender will help to tilt the bridge to an almost upright position if necessary giving easy access to the printer's rear.

To whom it may concern
In case you would prefer a user manual in French for the folder, please contact ES-TE Folding Systems by email or fax +49 30 369 961 59 and provide the serial number of your unit.

A toutes les personnes intéressées
Nous vous prions de nous contacter au cas où vous préfériez un manuel fold en francais. Veuillez nous indiquer pour cela le numéro de série de votre unité. Vous pouvez nous joindre par mail au, ou par fax au 0049 30 369 961 59 et fournissez le numéro de série de votre machine.