Fast precision folding - 10 times faster than by hand

High precision folding of blueprints, copies and plots - sharp edged and exact by the millimeter. estefold ® 2300 fits perfectly for small to medium print volumes. The folder handles all document sizes up to 930 mm width and is unlimited in the paper length. Fold styles are according to DIN 824, AFNOR and ANSI.

Easy to operate

Pre-programmed as well as individually adjustable folding programs, a clear display and the outstanding reliability distinguish the estefold ® 2300. After just a few minutes of practice, every user will be fully competent.

Digital precision

Optical sensors and precision stepper motors measure the dimensions and position of the document to be folded and then the ideal position of the fan-fold is calculated. LED optical sensors guarantee high reliability and precision. When the document has been fan-folded it has to be rotated 90° by hand and fed into the machine again. Then the folder switches automatically to cross-fold. Failure diagnostic The integrated failure diagnostic enables the user to conduct time saving inspections and fast diagnostic